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LandscapeThe ČAB village

is situated in district of Nitra, county of Nitriansky samospravny kraj in south-west of Slovakia. The distance from the city of Nitra is 15 km, Bratislava 90 km, Vienna 150 km, Budapest 110 km. The village has residential and industrial development in the progress now. In the present has about 770 residents. The most important in this area is the CAB - Lahne Industrial Park with thousands of sq metres of newly developed areas and many of existing companies and factories. There is also a small airport and the utility railway situated nearby,also good transport connection by road.

For more information about investment opportunities please contact: 00421 940 591 612


The local government office

The local government office is situated in the centre of the village.

Opening hours are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30am till 3.30pm

Office contact number is: 00421 37 789 4388, 00421 37 789 4370

e-mail:                                 Click for the map



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